Free open house on Friday from 5-6 and from 6:30-7:30 (by appointment) in East Arlington, with Connie Kim-Sheng. You will have a chance to meet each other, see the studio space, and even try out the piano a little bit if you are interested! Much more information about Connie here. To schedule a time, please use the contact form or call  Barbara at 617 437 7718.

Barbara Lieurance offers private and group piano lessons in East Arlington, near the Thompson School. To learn more about Barbara’s teaching, click here. Barbara has a full schedule for the fall of 2016, though she always accepts students on to her waiting list.

Connie Kim-Sheng will be joining the Lieurance Piano Studios as a new teacher this fall. Connie is offering a three-lesson fall intro package, with the option to continue for the full semester. Lessons with Connie are on Fridays. More information about Connie can be found here. There are still openings available – please contact Barbara for more information.

Learn more about Barbara

 “Barbara possesses the ability to expand the musical mind of students. . . She displays a passion for nurturing her students as individuals through a style that is both musically committed and compassionate.  Barbara is able to quickly assess a student’s strengths and weaknesses and provide encouraging feedback for their musical growth.” Susan Lawrence, Director of Educational Activities Irving S. Gilmore International Keyboard Festival

Click the pictures below for video of student performances. (Congratulations to all my students – I am proud of you!)